About Us

Why did we get started?

We quickly realised after we started climbing that we all share a great deal of love for the sport and community and that as many climbers do, we want to live out of a van and go climbing around the country! In order to fund that, we started to have a think about things we can do that we enjoy, bring value to the community, create a positive impact, provide income and allow us to honestly express ourselves as a collective group of climbers.

Meet Us

Our journey started back in November 2021...

The brainstorm

We wanted to create clothing with designs that allowed us to express our creativity and relationship with climbing and the community, whilst providing items that are eco friendly, high quality and affordable.


How can we make a positive impact?

We want our brand to genuinley be useful and to have a positive impact on a wide variety of people so we started to think about how climbing and the community helped us out the most, and we agreed that it was through mental health, so as we learn and grow, we will always be aiming to help specifically in this area.

We recognise that there are quite a lot of beginner climbers that would like to try outdoor climbing but don't know where to start and don't know how to be safe, confident and comfortable on the rock so we would like to build a community that aims to help beginners overcome these barriers in a judgment free and supportive environment.


Our plans for the future

When looking at our future plans we revisit our values of what can we do that we enjoy, brings value to the community, creates a positive impact, provides income and allows us to honestly express ourselves as a collective group of climbers and we have come up with the following!

Developing new clothing designs, as well as climbing products and accessories.

Building a community that introudces people to climbing outdoors and feeling safe and confident whilst doing it.

How specifically we can be of value to helping people's mental health.

Better document our climbing experiences through social media like Youtube and Instagram.

Learn more about the climbing world and share that with you through mediums like podcasts.

We don't have all the answers right now and we are a work in progress but whether you are a beginner climber, vastly experienced or think that climbing isn't for you, we sincerely hope you see something here that you find peace and enjoyment in, much love!